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Curtisward Plein Air Watercolour Sketching Wooden Gift Box Set


Curtisward Plein Air Watercolour Sketching Wooden Gift Box Set.

Curtisward has put together this limited edition Plein Air Gift Set. It is a solid wooden storage box with compartments and carry handle. The contents we have crammed in are a selection of quality materials that an artist would need for 'plein air' drawing and painting. Everything you would need to get started with outside sketching and painting!

We have included the following:

A Seawhite Hard Back Sketch Book with heavyweight cartridge.

A Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour Sketchers Pocket Set.

A Selection of six brushes that include Pro Arte Prolon Brushes, Curtisward Panache Dtail Brush and a Raphael SoftAqua Synthetic Quill Mop Brush.

A Set of twelve Cretacolor Studio Graphite Pencils in various grades. 

A Set of three Cretacolor Charcoal Pencils in various grades.

A Selection of twelve Conte Carres Pastel Sticks Colours (no.53 Paynes Grey, No.44 St Michel Green, No.8 Light Green, No.56 Sky Blue, No.47 Naples Yellow, No.2456 White, No.2460 Black, No.2457 Grey, No.33 Dark Grey, No.32 Umber, No.1 Bistre and No.1 Bistre)

A Natural Sponge.

A Pencil-pastel-charcoal Extender Holder

A Cretacolor Monolith Eraser