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Da Vinci Maestro Series 35 Brush Size 20 in Gift Box

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This attractive grey gift box contains one Size 20 (approx. 11mm dia.) Pointed Round Maestro Series 35 Brush in a velvet covered foam cutout, ensuring that the brush stays in excellent condition. Included is a small bar of brush soap and a cleansing cloth to complete the set and create a perfect gift for a loved one or simply treat for yourself. The Series 35 Maestro's feature black, polished ergonomic hexagonal handles for optimal grip. Full brush length is approx. 270mm.

All hair used in Da Vinci natural hair watercolor brushes is dressed and prepared in the Da Vinci factory by skilled artisans who turn over the prepared hair to experienced brushmakers for hand shaping. In this way, quality standards are assured from raw material to finished brush. Kolinsky Sable rounds point and snap with unmatched resilience and strength. The reservoir, or belly, of the brush recharges the tip. The Maestro designation denotes the highest quality Selected Winter Male Kolinsky Red Sable hair from the Tobol river region in Eastern Siberia. In this region, hair from male, winter tails grows the longest and strongest due to the extreme cold. Expertly shaped, these brushes are unmatched for spring, resiliency, color- & water-carrying capacity and their ability to hold a sharp edge or point. They are excellent for precise, controlled brush strokes, detail work, illustration, and restoration.

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