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Fabriano Tela Oil Painting Paper Block 12"x9" (24x32cm) 10 Sheets Canvas Texture

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Fabriano Tela Oil Painting Paper Block 12"x9" (24x32cm)10 Sheets Canvas Texture.

These Fabriano Oil Blocks are glued along all four edges to prevent buckling of the paper when laying the paint down heavily. The paper is already primed to stop the oil from seeping through the pages. Tela is an excellent canvas-textured paper for Oil and Acrylic from Fabriano. It has an internal and external sizing that offers an ideal absorption for Oil colours, is acid free and archival. The unique paper surface, obtained through a specialized texturing process, creates a surface similar to linen canvas making it ideal for Oil or Acrylic painting techniques. The weight of the canvas paper is 300gsm / 140lbs.

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