Bloomsbury Group

The Bloomsbury group was the name given to an influential group of artists, writers, intellectuals and philosophers who gathered to work and study at the home of Vanessa Bell and her sister, Virginia Woolf in Bloomsbury, London during the first half of the 20th century. In 1905 the ‘Friday Club’ was introduced by Vanessa Bell and 'Literary Thursday' evenings by her brother Thoby. The group were united by their strong belief in the importance of the arts and their works and ideals are considered to be a key influence in modern opinions on feminism, pacifism and sexuality.

Artists, Vanessa Bell (seated on the right) and Duncan Grant (standing) were considered to be at the core of the group with Art Critic and Artist, Roger Fry , Art Critic, Clive Bell, biographer, Lytton Strachey (seated) and novellist, E. M. Forster among some of the other associated names.