How to Make a Ghostly Punch Bowl

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Halloween Punch Bowl

Essential for any grown up Halloween Party is a punchbowl with lots of ‘boos’! For our punch bowl, we have taken inspiration from Wedgewood Jasperware – Curtisward Casperware, if you like!

The bowl is a simple plastic mixing bowl. Spray just the outside of the bowl with Montana Spray Paint in a suitably halloween colour and leave to dry. As with any applied paint on a non-porous surface, it will benefit from leaving for as long as possible to allow the paint to ‘cure’ onto the surface so, although it will be touch dry within a few minutes, if you can leave it for a few days all the better.

The stages of making ghosts out of Sculpey Ultra Light

For the ghostly decoration,

  1. Roll out a ping pong ball size ball of Sculpey Extra Light. 
  2. When the clay is around 5mm thick, start to stretch it out with your fingers. 
  3. Continue until the clay is fairly thin. At this stage you do not want it too thin though.
  4. Shape your ghost so that there is a rough head and arms. 
  5. Then start to stretch out the extremities. 
  6. Once you are happy with the shape, give the ghost a 3D look by folding over some of the edges. 
  7. With a cocktail stick or modelling tool, make marks in the clay to look like eyes and a mouth. 
  8. You should now have a ‘ghost’ with a flat back. 
  9. To bake it with a curve to match the bowl, we pressed some Aluminium Mesh around a section of the bowl to make an impression of the curve. Lay your ghost onto the shaped wire mesh to bake. Place in the oven for 15 minutes ate 125 degrees C.

Halloween Ghost Punch Bowl

Take some time to position and glue your ghosts onto the bowl. Using a glue gun or epoxy glue is recommended. You will need to hold each one in place until it sets so a little patience is required. The Sculpey has a slight give in it even after baking so it will allow you to manipulate the ghosts to snugly hug the curve of the bowl. Set on top of an old candlestick for a real gothic flavour!

What do ghosts like to drink? Spirits, of course!