How to Make Easter Bunting

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Easter Bunting

Stringing the Bunting

This fair-weather bunting is a simple combination of paper, string and pom poms.

Pom poms are perfect for fluffy bunny tails

Using any Paper or Card in lovely Easter pastel colours, cut flag shapes and bunny shapes. We have given you a template for the bunny at the bottom of this page if you need one. For the flag shape, cut a piece of A4 paper in half and cut from a point 2cm down on each of the long sides to the centre of the furthest away short side. Top tip – use a Scalpel, Metal rule and Cutting Mat for best results when cutting straight lines.

Close up of the Bunting

Mix and match the colours of the bunnies and the flags and add a complimentary Pom Pom for added cuteness.

Use a hole punch to make 4 holes along the top of each flag and thread some string through in a kind of stitch style. I have sprayed the string with Montana Gold Spray Paint in a colour that suits the theme.

Easter Bunny template