Multi-surface pens for Outdoor Fun

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Marabu Deco Painter Pens

Multi-surface Pens can be used on a wide range of surfaces including stone, wood, glass, canvas, plastic and paper. Available from many brands, they offer strong colour and are waterproof when dry.

Outdoor boardgame such as Noughts and Crosses

As a result, they are terrific for use in making outdoor board games for the summer like this Ladybird and Bumble Bee version of Noughts and Crosses.

Deco Painter Pens work perfectly on pebbles

In this example, I have taken a few pebbles and a piece of slate and used red, black and yellow pens to add colour directly to them. Allow a couple of minutes to dry – or even less on a baking summer’s day – and your game is ready to play….

Playing in the sunshine

in the sunshine….

Playing in the Rain

or even in the rain!

Peggy, the Boxer

Peggy, our resident Art Critic, looks on with interest!

July 2014