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Pro Arte Masterstroke Miniature and Curtisward Detail Brush Set of 7 Brushes

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Pro Arte Masterstroke Miniature and Curtisward 000 Detail Brush Set of 7 Brushes for Artists Watercolour
The Pro Arte Terry Harrison Masterstroke Series 60 miniature brushes are particularly suited for Watercolour, Gouache and thinned Acrylic, they can also be used with thinned oil paint. Unlike most miniature ranges, these brushes retain the longer hair even down to the very finest diameter in the range - the 10/0. This wallet set of brushes contains Masterstroke Series 60 Miniature brushes in the following sizes: Size 10/0, 5/0, 4/0, 3/0, 2/0 and size 0
The Curtisward detail brush Size 000 is made from soft synthetic filaments and has good spring, pointing and holds a good amount of colour. The brush hairs are set into seamless nickel ferrules. The solid wood handles have a lacquered finish which provides protection along with a smooth finish for ease of use. The Curtisward brush is perfect for watercolour painting but is also suitable for gouache, inks and thinned artists acrylic paint.
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