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Pro Arte Polar Round Brush Series 31

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Pro Arte Series 31 White Nylon Brushes are good quality all purpose brush suitable for watercolour, acrylic and thinned oil paint. They provide excellent spring and colour holding properties and offer extremely good value for money. Aluminium ferrules with white polished handles. Below are the approximate measurements of the diameters of the brush head. The approximate brush length is 18cm. Please beware larger sizes may have longer handles.

Size Diameter
0000 0.75mm
000 1mm
00 1.25mm
0 1.5mm
1 1.75mm
2 2mm
3 2.5mm
4 2.75mm
5 3mm
6 3.5mm
7 4mm
8 5mm
10 6.5mm
12 8mm
14 9mm
16 10mm
18 12mm
20 13mm