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Sennelier La Petite Aquarelle 12 Watercolour Half-Pan Set

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Sennelier's La Petite Aquarelle is the little sister of the professional L'Aquarelle range. La Petite Aquarelle is a colourful, fine quality watercolour manufactured in France. The pigments have been specifically selected for their miscibility and the binding agent is reinforced with glycerin; produced to allow a smoother application of the colour onto the paper. This formulation of La Petite Aquarelle is designed to make it easier to produce mixtures and washes and is perfect for artists who are learning how to master watercolor, as well as for those painting outdoors. La Petite Aquarelle travel boxes are handy and innovative: They come with an elastic strap allowing them to be held effortlessly in the palm of the hand, making them easy and comfortable to handle. This box contains the following selection of 12 La Petite Aquarelle Half-Pans: 116 Titanium White, 574 Primary Yellow, 645 Orange, 695 Primary Red, 690 Rose Madder, 307 Cobalt Blue Hue, 326 Primary Blue, 807 Deep Green, 805 Green Yellow, 252 Yellow Ochre, 202 Burnt Umber and 703 Payne's Grey.

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