How to Make a Model of Christmas Church Using Foam Board

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A Christmas Church made from Foam Board

Foam Board is used by professional model makers and students alike as it is easy to cut, strong and can either be left a prestine white or painted. Here, I have used Montana Gold Spray Paint in Shock White, Marble Grey and Light Manilla. Although not entirely necessary, I also primed the whole Church with Gesso first to hide some of my grubby finger marks – not the most careful model-maker, I admit! – and to add a little texture for a more ‘wood-like’ surface.

Cut Out pieces for a Christmas Church with a steeple

Use a Cutting Mat, sharp knife such a Swann Morton Scalpel and a Steel Rule to cut the shapes that you will require. Holding the scalpel to the metal rule, make your cuts by scoring the board a number of times rather than trying to cut all the way through with one cut and hold the knife so that the blade is straight at 90 degrees to the foam board. When you wish to make a bevelled edge, hold the knife up against the rule at 45 degrees to the foam board. This will make a cut that slopes in from front to back. Glue with a clear liquid glue. A great tip is to use haberdashery pins in each corner to hold the pieces together until the glue dries thoroughly.

Template for Church walls

Template for Church Roof and steeple

These templates, above, show the number of pieces and sizes of each one that I have used in making the pictured Church.

Pieces for Church roof and tower

Cut Out pieces for a Christmas Church with a tower Of course, you may wish to make a different style of church. Above are the pieces used to make a church with a tower rather than a steeple.

Liquitex Stucco Acrylic Medium

Liquitex Ceramic Stucco gives a stone-like texture to the foam board when simply ‘daubed’ on with an old stiff brush…

Church Window with acetate and glass paint

…and a piece of acetate painted with glass paint can be made to resemble Stained Glass Windows. A good cheat is to use a ‘peel-off’ sticker sheet with a Christmas Design, stick it down on the acetate and simply colour it in with the glass paint.

A model Christmas scene!

To make the other elements of this Christmas scene, see our Seasonal Craft page.