Why Do Life Drawing?

Life Study by Da Vinci

A landscape or still life can take many different forms and it is easy to draw what you think you see. The Human Figure, on the other hand, has pretty standard proportions so you will be forced to look at the relationship between different points of the body in a given pose and how it relates to the objects and background around it to accurately map those proportions.

You will need to carefully observe the way the light falls on different areas to be able to describe the form and you will be required to carefully note the line of the figure to show where the weight is distributed to ultimately produce a drawing that looks right and is believable. Whilst mastering these essential observational skills, you will also grasp perspective and fore-shortening, discover a style of drawing that will be your own, experiment with a range of media and mark-making in a perfect indoor environment, learn to focus your attention and be able to interact with other artists to spark new creative ideas. All the while, you have a subject that does not move when you don’t want it to or can change position when you do want them to!

With the skills mastered whilst Life Drawing, you can then return to the scenes, objects or creatures that you prefer to draw, paint or sculpt knowing that you are far better equipped to make a fantastic job of capturing them.